Monday, September 2, 2013

How to get your emails to the Inbox

You have designed a beautiful email. And you have sent to yourself as a test. Did it land in your Inbox? If it didn’t even after waiting for a reasonable amount of time, chances are your spam filters have it!

Why does email land in the junk folder? Well, there are several reasons why it could have made its way to the junk folder. Here are some tips (technical ones included!) that you can use to avoid hitting the junk and instead land where you want it to – the Inbox.

1. From Name and From Address

Don’t fake it here. Tell the recipient mail server who you really are and what’s your email address. Honesty pays.

Some technical info which you have to address. If you are not sure what it is, speak to your web host and they should be able to do the needful.

Check for the PTR/RDNS for your domain (the From Address that you use – e.g. If this is not configured properly, your mail will go straight to
junk. No doubt about that!

2. SMTP server you use

An SMTP server is used to send out your email campaigns. Again, their setup and configuration is critical for message delivery. Make sure that the IP address you are sending from is not blacklisted. Nor is the domain name. Also, check with your service provider if the server you are using has SPF and DKIM configured. Don’t worry about the technical stuff, but make sure you get a positive confirmation about these from your ESP.

Most recipient mail servers will reject your email if these things are not configured properly.

3. Subject text

This is equally important. If your email is technically through, the anti spam software may still catch you on the subject line.

Things you can avoid:

  • NEVER SHOUT. Meaning, don’t send your subject with all CAPS
  • Don’t use words like Free, Guaranteed or anything that sounds too good to be true or includes adult stuff
  • Don’t use exclamation marks (!!!)
  • Keep it simple, to the point and less than 50 characters
  • Take care of these 3 things and you are almost there.

Your next challenge is to get the user to click and open your message. Tell them the truth – what is your email message all about. That’s pretty much everything you need!

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