Monday, February 15, 2016

SMS Response Codes

It is already known to you that running an SMS campaign on BitFaster, requires an SMS Gateway to be configured on it. We have discussed the procedure for doing, so in our previous blogpost on Configuring SMS Gateways on BitFaster. In the same post, we also mentioned that BitFaster supports only HTTP and HTTPS protocols. Generally, every response of a protocol has a certain code associated with it, based on which it is described; the erroneous responses or simply errors are no exception to this.

Errors are of special interest to us in matters like these, as any one of them could kill our primary motive of creating and running a successful SMS campaign. There could be various errors and in the event of a campaign not reaching the targeted person, it is necessary for us to identify the error at the earliest, so as to correct it at the earliest. Any non-technical user of BitFaster, who faces an error should be able to figure out an error and report the same to the appropriate team to initiate the necessary action. The error codes and their brief description can be provided by the gateway service provider. BitFaster can only be configured to report the error issued by the gateway.

In this post, we shall examine the simple procedure to configure BitFaster to alert you on the errors issued by the gateway.

  1. Open BitFaster and click on Tools at the top. Doing so would open up a menu screen as shown below.

  2. Select SMS Response / Error Codes, which opens up a window shown below :

  3. This window shows the list of errors that have already been added in the List of Names field and the error codes corresponding to them in the SMS Response / Error Code field. The above window conveys that when the gateway issues an error with the code 001, BitFaster alerts the user as ‘Authentication Failed’.

    • In order to configure a new error, click on Add in the above window. Doing so would open a new window, as shown below.

    • In the Response Name / Status field, enter the description of the error and the corresponding error code in the SMS Response / Error Code field.

    • Any general comment can be inserted in the Comments field.

    • By checking in the box, Mark Message as Not Sent, the user gets to know of the messages that have been not been sent by the gateway.

    • After completing the above steps, click Add. It updates the list of errors and the codes corresponding to them.

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