Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Personalize an Email Campaign

Personalization plays an important role in getting the attention of your users. They should feel that the email is addressed to them and not have generic text such as "Dear Sir/Madam".

To make your communication even more effective, it's best to personalize even the Subject line. For example. the subject line "Thank you for your recent purchase John" has a higher impact when compared to the subject "Thank you for your recent purchase".

BitFaster makes it extremely simple to implement personalization in your campaigns. You can use any of the 66 System Variables to do this in your HTML code. Only a couple of rules you need to remember:
  1. System variables are always enclosed in [...] brackets
  2. System variables are case sensitive and have no space characters


For a complete list of variables supported, select System Variables from the View menu. You can repeat the variables any number of times in your HTML code.

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